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Godfather cosplay

Manchester City - Manchester United 2-3 (Kolarov '48, Aguero '64 - Rooney '10 '39, Welbeck '30), FA Cup 2012 3rd round, 2012-01-08, Al Etihad Stadium, Manchester

-          Hi, Mick!
-          Hi, Paulie! How are you?
-          What’s happened, Mick? Something wrong?
-          Why would you say that?
-          You wouldn’t just call me to ask me how I am now, would you?
-          Well, Paulie...
-          It’s the old man, isn’t it?
-          Well, it’s actually...
-          He made you call me, didn’t he?
-          He needs you, Paulie. We need you!
-          Is it that bad, huh?
-          It is bad. I haven’t seen the old man this worried since forever.
-          It’s that Italian guy, isn’t it?
-          Mancini is a pimp. He couldn’t have battled the old man. But he’s got the backing of the Sheikh.
-          There’s a lot of money in that black stuff, Mick. Well, maybe if I’d just show up...
-          I’m afraid it’s a lot more serious than that, Paulie...
-          You think he’ll want me in?
-          I’m pretty sure he will. Even more, though...
-          What do you mean?
-          He wants you to stay, Paulie!
-          God, it must be pretty damn serious then...
-          I told you, Paulie, I haven’t seen the old man this worried... Actually, I don’t think I ever saw him this worried. People are talking. On the corners. They’re saying he’s losing it. Nobody dares telling it straight ot his face, but you know how these things go...
-          People have been saying the old man is losing it for the past ten years now.  You should know better than that, Mick!
-          Times are changing, Paulie. You should come around, have a look for yourself.
-          How’s the boys? Ryan, Pat...
-          They’re all here, Paulie. All behind the old man. We’re all expecting you.
-          Gosh, Mick, if I’d have known it’s that bad...
-          So, Paulie, what should I tell the old man? Are you coming or not?
-          Yeah, of course I am, Mick. Just tell him I’m on my way.

He completed 69 of his 71 passes — only two players made more in the entire 90 minutes — and was eager to get involved at every opportunity. (ED)

He’s always in the right position, always seems to be at the end of the box when the ball drops in. The complete midfielder – when he’s fit, he’s the best. Some go missing but he’s in the right place at the right time. He’s my favourite player of all-time, unbelievable. If you give him a chance it’s a goal, isn’t it? (Micah Richards)

They will obviously be pissed off that they have only managed to beat us once [under Sheikh Mansour's ownership]. We have nicked the games with goals in the last minutes. I’ve done it, Michael Owen’s done it and Wayne Rooney did it last season. That’s maybe the difference between the two teams. (Paul Scholes)

What Paul says about Peter tells us more about Paul than about Peter. (Baruch Spinoza) 10:32

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